Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Makes Memories

So this weekend I got in my car and became apart of one of the most annoying drives ever: The Memorial Weekend NYC metro area to Washington DC metro area via I-95. It will turn a 4 hr drive into a 7 hour drive. The first stop was the Sonar Lounge for the Disco Biscuits. I only got to fuck around Baltimore for a little bit, but I fell in love with the city.

The Biscuits show was fucking awesome, although the sound was too loud and my ears were dying after the show. I actually left at points during the 2nd set because my ears were hurting so much. They had two other rooms at the venue where free dance parties were going on so I hopped into them for a little bit. The setlist was as follows:

@ Sonar Lounge
Baltimore, MD

Set I: King of the World> Digital Buddha, Once The Fiddler Paid, Pygmy Twylyte> Morph Dusseldorf 1> Spaga, Chemical Warfare Brigade

Set II: Triumph> Little Betty Boop 1> Nughuffer 2, Plan B> Crickets 3> Shem-Rah Boo

Encore: Confrontation

1 inverted
2 ending only
3 unfinished

If you were not at this show but listen to electronic music, chances are you were at the Hallucinogen show in NYC. Simon Postford, the man behind the music has been getting lots of buzz lately, revolving around his new Shpongle disc, which is an incredible musical journey, and his few US appearances. To add another date to the list, Postford is signed on to the Disco Biscuits' festival, Camp Bisco IV which is being put on by Meatcamp Productions. On Saturday May 27th, Hallucinogen will be doing a live set so if you missed Friday, now is your chance.

For more of your psytrance fix, Infected Mushroom is also currently on tour. I will most likely be at the Montreal date.

03 June 2005 Washington DC - Nation
09 June 2005 Quebec City
10 June 2005 Montreal
11 June 2005 Toronto
16 June 2005 Detroit
17 June 2005 Chicago - Sound Bar
18 June 2005 New York - Avalon
23 June 2005 Vancouver
24 June 2005 San Francisco - Mezzanine
25 June 2005 Los Angeles - Nos Insomniac
30 June 2005 Dallas / OpenAir-Tent
01 July 2005 Texas - Lubbock
02 July 2005 Miami
08 July 2005 Atlanta
09 July 2005 Seattle

A full list of dates (international) can be found here.

The next stop was Phila for the annual Jam On The River Festival. It was my first year going and I will say that although I only saw four or five bands, I had a really good time and I do recommend people who live in the area to seek it out in the years to come. All of the staff were very friendly and the musicians were all smiles on stage. Here are some of my pictures, more will be posted on State of Mind within the next week or two.


The New Deal:

The Disco Biscuits:

DJ Logic:

State Radio:

Unfortunately, I decided I didn't want to go to Motherfucker alone so I ended up not going, but I saw pictures on Last Night's Party and it looks like it was a blast.

Vermont Update:

Once all this gloomy weather goes away, everyone will soon flock the streets for ice cream and shopping. Want to escape the downtown scene but not sure where to go? Why not go for a hike?

Hiking This site features 43 various hikes throughout Vermont. Not sure how far away these places are? Try this site where you can choose hikes according to region.


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