Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Music!

A Silver Mt. Zion hits up Canada!

June 15
Montreal, QC @ la sala rossa
June 16
Montreal, QC @ la sala rossa
July 26
guelph, on @ e-bar
July 27
Toronto, on @ tranzac
July 28
Toronto, on @ tranzac
July 29
Toronto, on @ tranzac
July 30
Hamilton, on @casbah

In other news, Geldof will reveal plans for Live 8, his follow up to the world-wide Live Aid concert, later this afternoon. The original concert took place in 1985 and has been since coined "The Greatest Show On Earth". The goal of the event was to combine world-wide efforts to raise awareness and money for thoose victims of famine in Ethiopia. Some of the performers included Ultravox, INXS, Elvis Costello, BB King, Run DMC, Phil Collins, U2, Beach Boys, Duran Duran, Madonna, and just about every other big name that you can think of. I will post the lineup for Live 8 when I have it. I have read that The Spice Girls, will not be reuniting for the event, however, it is heavily rumored that Pink Floyd will be.


Blogger Teacher said...

Hello Mike Jones. Just came across your blog whilst surfing generally, I find it very interesting. I'm trying to get a blog going on some of my sites but don't have the patience to keep it up! Anyway, if you fancy looking at the new live 8 dvd set which is out today, it's here.

6:30 AM  
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