Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Viva Vermont!

This blog from now on, will focus around Vermont and the Burlington/Montreal/Boston scene, with occasional links to NYC related shows that I am traveling too. Also, I plan on interviewing bands...So if you want to get interviewed, holla at me!

Upcoming shows:

5th - Brothers Past @ Nectars
6th - Mindless Self Indulgence @ Higher Ground
7th - Ozomotli @ Higher Ground
9th - M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem @ Avalon
10th - The Bomb Squad @ Club Metronome
16th - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives @ Higher Ground
21st - Sleater-Kinney @ Higher Ground
24th - NOFX @ Metropolis
30th - Billy Corgan @ Avalon

A few nights ago I hit up The Decemberists at Higher Ground. They are a band that I always read about but have never really checked out. I arrived at Higher Ground and found one spot in the full parking lot. The band is currently on tour promoting their new album Picaresque, which I have been enjoying more and more. I wish I knew more about the band and could write a more meaningful post about them, but I will say this: It is clear when you see a band that has heart and puts that heart forward in every guitar strum and every drum beat that gets played; This is one of those bands.

In other news, last time I checked there were still tickets available for MIA and for Billy Corgan. MIA is only $15 !!!


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