Saturday, June 18, 2005

Drugs & Girls!

Lesbians On Ecstasy are on tour again! I didn't make it last time, so hopefully I will make it one of these free shows.

June 25 - Toronto, ON
Pride South Stage
**Free!** 7pm

July 1 - Montreal
Meow Mix - le boudoir pre party
Salla Rosa

July 7 - Quebec City
Off-Fest - La Drague

July 16 - Ottawa, ON
Shameless Magazine party

July 17 - Toronto, ON
Folsom Fair North

July 29 - Montreal
Boat Party

July 31 - Montreal
Sex Garage at Divers Cit?

July 1-3 in Montreal is Le Boudoir, three days and nights of Burlesque & Vaudeville. For more information click here.

Looking for the right somebody? Need a date for the upcoming Sleater-Kinney show? Why not post on Craigslist?


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