Friday, June 10, 2005

Finally, the indie kids.

So last night I finally got to see MIA and it very much lived up to what I was anticipating. There is a nice review of the show over at Big Stereo, with some pictures and a video clip. Her new DJ, whose name no one seems to know. I think it is something like DJ Control, Brooklyn Vegan thinks it's DJ Marlboro, while Big Stereo thinks he is DJ Chaos. Anyhow, he is fucking good. He spun before MIA came out and then spun all the tracks for the show, cutting back and forth between the Piracy beats and some other ones not on the albums. The setlist was:

Set I:
Pull Up
Fire Fire
Lady S.O.V.
Bucky Done Gun



I don't know who the girl is who sings with MIA on tour, but she is awesome and I wonder if she did tracks on the record. Anyway, they were all in good spirits and at times MIA got really excited and climbed up on the monitors and was dancing and singing.

LCD Soundsystem, however, was the show. Oddly enough, or maybe not, the live show is 10x better than the album. They opened up with Beat Connection and I don't remember the setlist in order, but they are floating around somewhere. People were dancing off the bat, but not enough. Four songs in, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, and the crowd still isn't going ape-shit .. But it was an odd version of the song, not my favorite. Then, something happened. Tribulations came on, and a light bulb inside the indie kids clicked. Finally, the indie kids were dancing. I think there may have been a mosh pit, actually. The encore (or maybe set closer?) was Yeah and everyone was singing and didn't want it to end. Even though it was around 10 PM and the show was over, I felt fully satisfied. Here is a band that does not cheat their audience one bit. Murphy constantly left his post to tweak with amp and noise settings too make sure everything sounds perfect.

If you haven't seen them yet, you have a few more chances before it is off to Europe.

Fri 10th New York, USA: Webster Hall
Sat 11th Philadelphia, USA: Transit
Sun 12th Washington DC, USA: 9:30 Club

I did take pictures but I don't have them yet, I will shortly.

Need a cheap good show to go to tonight? Go see The Bomb Squad at Metronome. Only $5 and they hit the stage at 11 PM. They play dirty funk and feature Jen Durkin, from Deep Banana Blackout, on vocals.

Seven Days has also reported that tomorrow there will be a sidewalk chalk competition downtown! Even if you don't want to compete, I'm sure it will be fun to watch and see the finished products.

Sidewalk Chalk Pastel Competition
Saturday, June 11
Burlington City Hall Park
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Free, materials provided.
Info, 864-1557.


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