Monday, July 25, 2005

10 Years

Growing up as a kid, I always wanted to visit Asbury Park. Not for the romantic Jersey Shore, but for the music scene that existed in NJ. Ska bands, local heroes, such as Inspector 7, Catch 22, Professor Plum .. Would be names that I would always associate with Asbury Park. I was also always told that Asbury Park was not a safe neighborhood.

Five years ago, I began following my favorite band around, The Disco Biscuits. Ten years ago, the band started playing. All three ends to my story met up at The Stone Pony this past weekend for the Disco Biscuits 10 year anniversary show. The show was amazing and the setlist was as follows:

07/23/05 Stone Pony - Outdoor Stage
Asbury Park, NJ

Ten Year Anniversary Bash

Set I: Jam> Munchkin Invasion (1), Svenghali> Helicopters (1), Little Lai, 7-11> Svenghali

Set II: 42, Magellan, Crickets> Story Of The World> Crickets (2)> Story Of The World

Encore: The Overture

(1) completes 7/22/05
(2) unfinished; with "We Want the Funk" Jam

When I arrived to Asbury Park, the beach was flooded with crazy floats. Parking is free there, however, you have to pay to step onto the beach. Boardwalk is free!

The scene has a bit of a Coney Island feel.

Also, if you ever happen to be in the luxurious Asbury Park, I highly recommend staying at Berekely (seen below). Poppa John's will deliver to you!!

And now for pictures of the band!!

And the crowd...

And a video clip!



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