Monday, July 18, 2005

Dub Is A Weapon.

So last week I saw Dub Is A Weapon, after a solid year or two of hearing buzz about them. Sadly, I was first person to start dancing to them... Everyone was huddled in the back of the venue looking on, but not wanting to get too close. Dub music is wonderful, but it is something that is generally created in studios, not really done live; Seeing Dub Is A Weapon is like seeing The Roots live, maybe... Whereas you get to see all the instruments and all the effects that are being used. The band seriously kicks ass. I got sucked into a trance and just couldn't stop dancing. I was, (also) sadly, the only person there who knew how to skank. Femi Kuti was awesome as well.. 14 piece band with crazy booty dancers and real full-on sound. Here are photos.

Dub Is A Weapon

Femi Kuti

Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2


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