Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who is Mike Jones?

I entered "Mike Jones" into the Google image search and I found myself on page 19 (I was going to stop if I didn't make it on the first twenty)!!

Now you all get to listen to the music of this amazing person (and no, I am not the rapper from Houston).

Fear Of Music
- The Final Show
- This a video of The Talking Heads cover band that I play in. We broke up and played a final show and then a "secret" show later that night where we played Stop Making Sense in its entirety. So since the break up, we have played one show and maybe we will be back together like we used to be in the fall .. Only time will tell.

Mister Holla - Taxi Cabs Can Start A Revolution - This is a solo track that I made. Not much to say about it except that I love the ending.

Panda Watch
- Panda Dub - Panda Watch is a 3-piece band that I play bass in. We got together in April to play at a festival in May. This track is recorded from that one show. We are still practicing and writing songs and we are looking for a keyboardist!!

MC Holla - It's Summertime (remix) - This is a remix of a song I made. This track is a year or two old and it came from my EP, The Burlington Project. I can give you a copy for free if you want.

The Ort Phenomenon - Out and In - This is band that I played in in High School. I loved this band. Not much else to say. Get down and dirty to it. I guess this song starts off kind of slow but then turns into a New Deal-ish type song. This other song, Providence, is a slow jam (and a love song), but one of my favorites and it is often found with a transition into Van Morrison's Moon Dance.


Anonymous Faith said...

It's Summertime remix is sick!!!!! I like.

2:06 PM  
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