Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now I Am A Blogger (The Inner Anniemal Unleashed).

So, my newest favorite band is Dragonette. At first I thought they reminded me a lot like Metric, but now I don't think so. Their website is and you can stream beautiful synth-pop from there. They are relatively new and have toured with Duran Duran and now have a slot at the upcoming Across The Narrows festival. It's nice to see the bassist, Dan (The New Deal), involved in something totally different. I'm going to hype up this band as much as I can. I think that after this weekend, the NYC bloggers will pick up on this incredible band. Their setlist was as follows:

Shock Box
Magic Fantastic
Teacher Teacher
Please Me
Sad Eyes
Titties For Daddy
Jesus Doesn't Love Me
I Get Around

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for, for almost a year now came. Annie came out. She had a person who switched between guitar and drums, and then another person who looked like he was controlling the beats. The setlist was as follows:

Always 2 Late
Chewing Gum
Greatest Hit
Come Together
Helpless Fool
Me Plus One

The show started off a bit slow. It was a mix between Annie's vocals not being loud enough and the beat with the live guitar player not translating so well. Chewing Gum came on and it sounded a bit weird with the guitarist, but everyone still got down.. Simply because it was Chewing Gum. After Chewing Gum, Annie left the stage for a bit. When she came back, the show was rocking. Her vocals were a lot stronger and more consistent. She played a new song, Wedding, which will be coming out on the upcoming DJ Kicks. The highlight of the show was Come Together. On the album the song runs close to eight minutes and I don't know if the beat was extended for the concert or not, but it seemed to just drop forever and I got stuck in a dance trance and just couldn't stop dancing. After the show I got to meet Annie and she was sweeter than I imagined. She took the time to sign whomever wanted stuff signed and took the time to chat for a bit. Obviously, I felt like a 16 year old at a New Kids On The Block concert and my heart didn't stop racing, but that's a different story. Go see Annie if you get the chance and if you get the chance to talk to her or her band, do so! My one complaint: ANNIE... GET SOME XL SHIRTS!!! :)


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