Monday, November 07, 2005

The Beer Skwad

On Saturday night, two of UVM's hottest bands got together and played a party. The Beer Helmets and the Pheer Skwad have been playing shows together since 2003. Although The Beer Helmets have seen a few lineup changes, their music is still consistent: fun 80s covers that make you want to dance. I was a little upset that they didn't play The Cars tune Just What I Needed, but they did play another Beer Helmets standard which is the Jovi anthem Livin' On A Prayer.

The Pheer Skwad's set was short but fun. For some reason I don't have too many pictures from their set, but they played one of my favorite songs, Jihad (click here for Mp3). The duo hails from Pittsburgh, PA and their music reflects their love for their homeland. Amidst the antics and humor amongst their lyrics, they are engaging the youth in hip hop, something that is somewhat present in Burlington, but definitely not enough amongst the UVM college community.

The show got rowdy and a fight broke out and someone flashed me as I was taking pictures. That's all.


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