Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fun Friday.

I have a group of friends who love Fridays. Every Friday they make it their mission to just celebrate the weekend and have fun. They try to hang out with different friends they haven't seen in a while each Friday. I didn't do any of this, however, I had my own version of Fun Friday. It all started with a Facebook announcement, that announced the Bookstore Rave.

The Bookstore Rave has been going on at UVM campus for several weeks now. It happens every Friday or every other Friday and usually consists of about 3-5 people dancing to Infected Mushroom with a fog machine going off every 5 minutes in the background. However, this Friday the Bookstore Rave got bigger. There were tons of kids dancing and lots of tour groups walking by with smiles on their faces as they watched the man in the shark suit get down.


After the Bookstore Rave, I went to Montreal to see Nine Inch Nails. The openers were two bands that I enjoy, Death From Above 1979 and Queens of the Stone Age. DFA 1979 fucking rocked. It is a drum and bass duo. The bassist plays his bass with crazy effects that make it sound like a guitar and the drummer plays really fast and sings.

They played my favorite song of theirs, Black History Month... Although it is a bit slow and I might be a fan of the Alan Braxe remix better (click me to download!).

Queens of the Stone came on second and played for a solid hour, maybe a little longer. They were sick too and their singer has crazy hip swingin' movements. They definitely had the rock star persona goin on. They play No One Knows and it rocked. Not too much to say about them, due to lack of unfamiliarity with a lot of their songs, but I do recommend people check them out. They do pretty much rock.

You know what? I love bands that rock. Nine Inch Nails' Closer was one of the first music videos I remember seeing back in the early 90s. It was very nostalgic to see NIN, but not nostalgic like seeing Dispatch or Raffi or someone you used to listen to as a kid, but nostalgic in a sense that I was seeing someone I related to on such a personal level as a kid. I was a kid with teen angst. You know, I never cut myself but I know people that did. Hearing Trent play Hurt, last night, stripped down with just keyboard and vocals, must have brought tears to all the cutters, because it got me pretty choked up. Everyone in the crowd was singing and lighters were in the air it was very emotional; Hurt was the highlight of the show. What else did they play? March of the Pigs, Head Like A Hole, The Hand That Feeds, You Know What You Are, With Teeth, Terrible Lie, Down In It, Only, Right Where It Belongs (which was also very emotional) and a million other songs. Twiggy Ramirez was playing bass with NIN this tour. My right ear still is stuffy and my legs got ripped up in the pit. Overall? Sick show. Bell Center is way too loud though, so bring ear plugs.


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