Sunday, November 13, 2005

An Interview with the Princess

I recently caught up with Princess Superstar (did you that New York Magazine listed her as one of the 50 most beautiful New Yorkers???!)

How have powerful female musicians (Madonna, Gwen Steffani, Deborah Harry, Peaches, Missy Elliott, Miss Kitten) influenced your career as both a studio artist and a spotlight sex symbol? Have you learned any important tricks from them?

Every single one of these artists have influenced me in different ways, musically, as a DJ , or in a business way. Peaches and I are good friends and she actually used to come to my shows in the 90's, so I think we have influenced each other. Miss Kitten is amazing and has really inspired my djing.

Do you have a preference between doing live shows vs. DJ sets?

I will always love being a live performer first and foremost, although I absolutely love Djing too. With Djing there is definitely less pressure.

How long do you take backstage to get ready for your performance?

I do my makeup and hair in 15 minutes, put on my costume in 3 minutes and stretch for 1 minute, voila!

What are some common items on your rider?

Lollipops, Socks, Bottled water. At one point I had thong underwear on there and batteries!

I enjoyed the futuristic concept of My Machine. Are there plans to adapt the
album into a theatrical aspect of the live show (in terms of visuals, robots,

We are already doing that live, it is a whole interactive multimedia show that brings the whole concept to life. It has been the most incredible show I have ever done.

How do you feel about the modeling industry, as a whole, and the effect that
advertising trends, such as "heroin chick", might have on our youth,specifically adolescent females?

It's horrible. Almost every girl or woman I know hates their body and has eating issues. I address that in my album in songs like Perfect or Famous.

Barbie Dolls?

Do you feel that the agencies need to tone down their campaigns and marketing strategies? Do people need to not be so sensitive and moldable (people blaming eating disorders on models, etc.)?

I definitely think there should be options shown as to what is beautiful. Women shouldn't feel the need to look like models, who are already skinny, and then airbrushed on top of it to be even more flawless. The models shouldn't be blamed, it's the people who run magazines and make ads and even record companies and TV shows that only hire and promote thin women. There is a double standard for men and women in entertainment, although more and more that is changing and men now feel the pressure to have a 6 pack too!

In one of your songs you talk about how everyone is quick to compare you to
Lil? Kim. Does this annoy you? Are there artists that you wish you were
compared to more? Artists you wish you were compared to less?

It used to annoy me now I don't care anymore. People have to put you in little boxes to understand you. I love Lil Kim anyway. But I always felt like a hybrid of artists- like Lil Kim mixed with David Bowie. Or Kool Keith mixed with Chrissy Hynde!

There is a lot of hype about you in the indie scene, especially online
through media like and various blogs. Is the hip-hop scene as
responsive to your music as the indie kids are?

I definitely have fans in both the hip-hop scene, indie scene, and electronic dance scene. My last album had Bahamadia, Kool Keith, High & MIghty, etc. and this new one has Jacques Lu Cont, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry and was executive produced by Arthur Baker. I am really happy that I can move around in different genres, because to me, good music is good music....

East coast or West coast?

East coast baby- I was born in NYC raised outside Philly and now back in NY !

In most of your interviews where dating comes up, you mention that you have
not been in a serious relationship in years and that you have trouble meeting
people. Is this still accurate? Are there new sparks in the air?

I have been dating but I haven't been in a serious relationship in a while. I may be soon though!

Can we expect any dates in VT/Montreal in the near future? You do have a fan base up here, and we do have lots of Vermont "goods" ?

I do love maple syrup, so I will see you soon!


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