Sunday, December 04, 2005

Public Warning: Make Way For The S-O-V

So, Lady Sov can definitely rock a packed venue. Her performance in Montreal was solid. She opened it up with Blah Blah and worked her way through most of the hot tracks that you have heard from her: Cha-Ching, Random, Fiddle With The Volume (Ghislain Poirie remix version), A Little Bit of Shhh!, The Broom, The Tango, and Sad Ass Strippa. The highlights of the show were 9-5, and then the catchy dance tune Hoodie followed by Public Warning to close the show. Public Warning has the hot garage/rave beats going on in it and SOV spits it mad fast. Throughout the show, SOV was complaining about the bass in her speaker. I didn't think too much of it, however, after reading the Philebrity review of the Philly show, I am beginning to wonder what is going on with her sound crew. I was saddened to see that she peaced out of a gig cause of bad sound ... That sounds like Axl Rose material and at 19 years old, there is no need for that big of an ego ... Even if your shit is hot. Hopefully she works things out, and continues to move units.

The pics came out shitty. Sorry.


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